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Katie Noonan brings Latin America to BREC

Katie Noonan brings Latin America to BREC

To celebrate the launch of her fabulous new album, Songs of the Latin Skies, George front woman Katie Noonan together with classical guitarist Karin Schaupp are heading to BREC

"Once again it has been such a pleasure to make beautiful music with my friend Karin. The voice and the guitar have been at the core of Latin music for centuries and it has been great fun rearranging them. We look forward to sharing this gorgeous music with you on our national tour!" Katie Noonan

Journeying through the distinctive South American sounds, the bossa nova, salsa, samba and the tango, Noonan's voice and Schaupp's guitar workings create a fresh new spin on these classic sounds.

Songs of the Latin Skies is the third collaboration between Noonan and Schaupp with previous albums Songs from the British Isles (2011) & Songs of the Southern Skies (2012), which received 2 ARIA awards in 2012 and has toured nationally twice.

Performing at BREC on Friday 24 March for one performance, the South West is in for a musical treat. Tickets are available from or 1300 661 272.


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