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Alcoa, SWOC & BREC present

Fiddler on the Roof

Thursday 13 July 08:00 PM
Friday 14 July 08:00 PM
Saturday 15 July 02:00 PM
Saturday 15 July 08:00 PM
Run time: 160min inc int
Fiddler on the Roof

Following the award winning season of Cinderella in 2015, SWOC return to BREC with Fiddler on the Roof.

Set in 1905 in a small Jewish village in Tzarist Russia, Fiddler on the Roof is the story of milkman Tevye and his attempts to to maintain his Jewish religious and cultural traditions in a changing world.

He must cope with the strong-willed actions of his three older daughters, who wish to marry for love - each one's choice of a husband moves Tevye further away from the customs of his faith.

Tzeitel, his eldest child, wants to marry the poor tailor Motel Kamzoil instead of a middleaged butcher her father has chosen for her in the tradition of arranged marriages. Hodel, his second daughter and the revolutionary student Perchik, become engaged without seeking Tevye's permission. When Perchik is arrested by the Tzar's troops and sent to Siberia, Hodel decides to leave her family and homeland and travel to Siberia to be with her beloved. When his third daughter Chava falls in love with the Christian Fyedka and marries him in secret this takes Tevye beyond what his is willing to accept and declares her dead to him.

As a final blow the Tsar's troops evict the Jewish community from their small town of Anatevka scattering Tevye's family and friends throughout the world.