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RocKwiz Live!

Saturday 22 July 08:00 PM
Run time: 150 min inc interval
RocKwiz Live!

The RocKwiz Gang are hitting the road in 2017 for their next national tour! Free from the constraints of the small screen and revelling in the freedom, anarchy and sheer joy of performing live with a rotating cast of legends and up and coming young stars... Join Julia, Brian Dugald and the RocKwiz OrKestra as they light up BREC with RocKwizLive! TWENTYSEVENTEEN.

Enjoy your favourite segments, Who Can It Be Now, Million Dollar Riff, The Furious Five, Contestant Karaoke. Be amazed at the rock knowledge on display, the dazzling duets, the special guests, Julia's charisma and Dugald's biceps. As usual, Brian will be coaxing members of the audience to play key roles in the evening's shenanigans.

Don't miss a night of hilarious entertainment with RocKwiz Live!

"RocKwiz Live has a contagious joy, leaving audiences laughing and singing along, wishing the night would go on and on. The RocKwiz team have a vital and noble task of bringing people together through music, and they do it so damn well!" BM Magazine