BREC appoints new Philanthropy Manager

BREC is pleased to announce the appointment of Natasha Fry as Philanthropy Manager for BREC. Natasha will be focused on building key partnerships within the community to secure new sponsors for the centre, as well as source and secure new lines of funding through government and corporate grants.

“We are so excited to welcome Natasha to the team, which comes at a critical time for BREC,” said Sharon Custers, General Manager at BREC.

“Having some-one dedicated to securing new lines of funding is a vital step in providing a sustainable future for the centre. It will enable us to continue to develop our growing arts scene in the Southwest and enable us engage with a broader section of the community through community based projects,” said Custers.

Natasha brings an exceptional amount of experience to the BREC team. Her career in the arts industry spans over 15 years and most recently she has specialised in arts-tourism for the States’ far North.

As Regional Manager for FORM, a not-for-profit arts organisation dedicated to enhancing the creative industry in the region, Natasha developed and successfully implemented a cultural strategy for Port Headland and the Pilbara region.

“There’s something truly special about rural communities and bringing culture and the arts to such remote areas is so important but it can also be costly. Logistics aside, I’m just really excited to play a part in BREC’s strategic plan, ensuring a stable future for BREC so they can continue to bring high quality entertainment to the region and provide ongoing support to our local arts industry.”