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Why should I join BREC Rewards?

We’ve got 3 good reasons why you should join BREC Rewards! Save your money! With the economy taking a dive, we all need to become super savvy, especially with our spending on non-essentials like entertainment. BREC Rewards entitles up to 20% off all shows curated by BREC which includes a wide range of world-class performances as well as 10% off all other touring shows. On top of these savings at the box office members also enjoy 10% off at the bar. An average family of four could save up to $25.00 in one visit! For regular theatre goers and those without kids in tow, you’ll still see great savings because the BREC Reward card entitles discounts for up to four of your friends too. Great for your health! How many of you have signed up for an annual gym membership but don’t manage to make it past the doors? Well thankfully live entertainment is far more enjoyable and provides fantastic health benefits too. According to research conducted by the Australian Council for the Arts people that had attended a cultural place or event in the previous 12 months were almost 60% more likely to report good health compared to those who had not. By committing to an annual subscription with BREC Rewards, members have the added incentive to make the most of the subscription; visit the centre more often, immerse themselves in quality live entertainment and be more social active with like-minded peers.

Support your local art scene! Whilst an annual BREC Rewards subscription only sets you back a modest $45 this contribution goes far to supporting the ongoing maintenance of the theatre, as well as helping towards covering the tremendous costs to bring world-class entertainment to such a remote part of the world. By joining BREC Rewards, members are invited to get behind the scenes including backstage tours and even invitations to meet with the artists touring to this special part of the world. As a leading performing arts venue for Western Australia, BREC is part of a wider network of organisations tasked with the responsibility to continue to develop the creative industry and inspire the next generation of artisans. So if you haven’t already, grab your BREC Rewards card, be daring and see something new but also just remember you’ve done your bit to support the local arts scene.

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