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Teacher Workshop – Awakening The Senses

Run Time 90 minutes
Price From FREE
Venue BREC

Professional Learning Workshop with Sensorium Theatre Company
Suitable for primary or secondary teachers with mainstream students or students with a range of access needs
Register interest and we will contact you to confirm your place

15 May 2019
4:30 pm

“Just show you what their life must be like – like taking a walk in their shoes,” – Teacher College Row

Sensorium Theatre, the masterminds behind Oddysea and Whoosh bring Awakening The Senses – An Introduction to Multi-Sensory Approaches Sensory Walk Experience Workshop. This 90 minute workshop will see participants conduct a self-audit on how many senses they are currently engaging with their students/clients.

Participants will understand what it means to fully engage the senses by experiencing temporary sensory impairment and be led through a multi-sensory walk by the artists. Removing sight has the effect of heightening other sensory stimuli. Experiences are shared following the walk leading to discussions around empathy, power and consent.

Workshop Bookings places are limited, so please contact or phone 08 9792 31111.

“We use the word multi-sensory all the time – but I don’t think I really understood what that meant until today.”

Teacher – Gladys Newton