Hannah Gadsby Device Exemption | BREC

We are really looking forward to seeing you at BREC for Hannah Gadsby’s Body of Work show on September 3rd.

Before you come, we have been asked by Token Events to remind everybody that Hannah’s shows are device free environments.

You will be required to switch off and put away any mobile devices including phones, smart watches, fit bits or any other device that may make a sound or have any lights on it. You will not be allowed to have them in your hand, they will need to be in a bag or a pocket and they must be switched off, not muted. This will be from the moment that you check into the venue. In addition cameras and other recording devices are similarly prohibited.

If your mobile device is used as part of a medical device then you need to notify Token Events before the show to request a medical exemption.

This is a strict condition of entry to ensure an uninterrupted and focused experience for the artist and the audience.