Valentines Day 2019 | BREC


25 January 2019

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with it comes the expectation to do something special. Take it from us, these are the top five things you shouldn’t do come February 14th.

#1 Breakup With Your Date

If things have gone stale in your relationship don’t choose Valentine’s to break up. Remember there are 364 other, more appropriate days to do it. And if spending another night with this person feels like torture choose an activity that doesn’t require any communication… did someone say the theatre?

#2 Watch your favourite romantic comedy… again

There’s no need to hole up in your home for another night in front of the TV. Get out and try another form of entertainment. Keep those movies tucked away for a lazy Sunday!

#3 Don’t leave it to your partner to come up with a plan

Communicate! If one of you thinks the other is organising the night and vice versa you’re just asking for trouble. Tell your partner you’re taking control of the planning this year and stick to it!

#4 Don’t Forget!

Ah the cardinal sin. Never. Ever. Forget Valentine’s Day. Even better be prepared and organise a romantic date ahead of time. You’ll reap the rewards!

#5 Take your date through the drive-thru

You’ve left the dinner reservations to the last minute and there’s not a table for two left anywhere in town… your only option is a 24 pack of nuggets from the local McDonalds… need we say more?

Now that you know what not to do, why not go the extra mile and plan a romantic evening at the theatre?  Come along to BREC to see I Want to Know What Love Is. Enjoy a drink in the Sky Bar before the show then head out to one of the great restaurants just outside the doors! A little forethought and planning will turn the night into a fun memory and communicate your love for one another.

Looking for a different experience this Valentines Day?

Immerse yourself in a thrilling live theatre performance