Bunbury Change Makers Festival | BREC

Change Makers Festival

  • Saturday 14 April 2018 1:00 pm
Run Time 300 minutes inc breaks
FREE EVENT: For innovators aged 15-25 years

Changemakers is a global phenomenon – young people all over the world are making change happen in their local communities.

We have invited some of our region’s brightest young people to share with you the ways that they have been able to make change happen across our region. In a half day conference format hear their personal stories – what worked, what didn’t work. And then you will have the opportunity to workshop your own ideas and be mentored through the process of getting a new project off the ground. You will choose your mentor and work with them over a 10 week period on your idea. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to be a driver of change right here, right now.

So what kind of ideas do I need? It can be anything … Do you want people to stop using plastic bags? Do you want a new skate park to be built in Bunbury? Work with a mentor to devise a social media campaign to go viral, learn how to lobby politicians, put together grant applications, write letters to council and learn how to get a major project like this to happen in Bunbury. Your voice is more powerful than you think. Or maybe you think we need more fun events for young people in Bunbury? Do you want to learn how to put on a music festival? Work with our mentors on how to do up a budget for an event and then apply for funding, how to contact the artists and how to get a really great music event happening.

There are no limitations to your ideas. Think about that thing that means a lot to you and then think of a solution. We’ll help you to make that solution happen.



A designer and thought provoker, but mostly a creative entrepreneur. With a background in design, Jordan unknowingly used many human centered design methods in setting up fifteen SME’s before his 25th birthday.


Professional speaker, writer and social change activist. Sash has a Masters in Social Change and designs community based initiatives that challenge the status quo and encourage a sense of belonging.


Founder of Good Nights, Kelsie hosts independent live music events in unusual spaces around Bunbury. What started as a good idea on a shoestring budget, Kelsie has hosted over 60 events, showcasing 100+ singer-songwriters.


Full time illustrator, hand letterer, designer and muralist, Andrew is the Founder & Creative Director of Six Two Three Zero that created the Annual Bunbury Street Art Festival – Re.Discover. Changing the way people look at their town.



Making Toilet Paper Cool : Simon Griffiths, CEO from Melbourne start-up Who Gives A Crap.

Determined to leverage business as a force for good, Simon founded two successful social enterprises – Who Gives A Crap and Shebeen – in his twenties. He launched Who Gives A Crap with an award-winning pre-sales campaign that created $1 million worth of PR value and attracted more than 2.5 million social media hits. Simon has grown Who Gives A Crap into a multi-million dollar company, tripling sales year-on-year since launch and donating more than $1 million to help provide access to a toilet. Simon has galvanised a huge online community to support his businesses, with hundreds of thousands of followers and extremely high engagement levels. Recognising the rapid evolution of office culture, Simon has built Who Gives a Crap to enable his team to work remotely—his 30+ employees currently work in 4 different countries, with flexible work hours and locations.


You can register for the event on the day doors will be open from 12.30pm. Like to see what’s happening at Changemakers Festival?

So what is change makers festival?