CinefestOZ Premiere – In Like Flynn | BREC

CinefestOZ Premiere – In Like Flynn

  • Friday 24 August 2018 6:30 pm
Run Time 240 minutes
PRICE FROM: $65.00 +BF

The City is set to sparkle with an evening of new film, red carpet and famous faces as CinefestOZ presents the premiere screening of In Like Flynn.

Arrive at the BREC Skybar for complimentary canapes, grab yourself a drink and catch some of the red carpet vibe. Share a selfie with friends and rub shoulders with VIP filmmakers and guests ahead of the film screening at Cube Theatre.

A Q&A of behind-the-scenes revelations follows the screening. Bunbury welcomes film industry and film enthusiasts to this event.

In 1930, before Errol Flynn became one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood, a young Errol, braving cannibals and crocodiles searched the jungles of Papua New Guinea for his Eldorado. While serving as a guide for a Hollywood producer, Errol discovers a map on a dead prospector that he believes will lead to a fortune in gold.

Back on the streets of Depression-era Sydney, Flynn rounds up a ragtag crew to help him find the gold, including Rex, a Canadian ex-bootlegger, Dook, an English gentleman handy with a pistol and Charlie, a grizzled old salt. After stealing the Sirocco, a yacht belonging to Chinese Opium smugglers, Flynn and crew set sail.

They quickly learn just how perilous a voyage up the Australian east coast can be, running afoul of drunken cowboys, corrupt cops and local thugs before being intercepted by the Chinese smugglers, who are hell-bent on retrieving their Sirocco and the several pounds of opium stashed in the hold. As Flynn and crew make a final dash for New Guinea, they encounter their greatest foe yet, nature itself and sailing into a treacherous reef.

In Like Flynn is a mythical and satirical coming-of-age story about four men on a journey to find hope, adventure and fortune in an age when the world was spiralling into despair.

Please note: runtime includes screening and function.