Compartment No. 6 | BREC International Film Festival Winter 2022 | BREC

Compartment No. 6 (MA 15+)

Run Time 103 mins
Price $12-$19 no BF
Presented By BREC

Finland | Subtitles | Drama, Romance | 107 Mins
Sat 16 July, 5:30pm
Thurs 21 July, 2:30pm

MA 15+: Language

BREC International Film Festival Winter 2022

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16 July 2022
5:30 pm
21 July 2022
2:30 pm
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Compartment No. 6 (MA 15+)

Joint winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes, Compartment No. 6 unfolds as an unconventional love story when two strangers share a Russian train journey through the Arctic Circle.

Laura and Vadim experience rough terrain in more ways than one as the train moves toward Murmansk and an unexpected bond is formed between these two vastly different people.

As a train weaves its way up to the arctic circle, two strangers share a journey that will change their perspective on life.

In 1990s Moscow, Finnish student Laura has become lovers with her urbane and glamorous professor Irina. Evidence mounts that Irina is not as serious about their affair as Laura, and when the professor pulls out of a planned joint trip to look at ancient petroglyphs, Laura undertakes the long train journey to Murmansk on her own.

In compartment 6, she encounters her companion for the journey: Vadim, a misogynistic, drunken lout who immediately insults her. But as time passes, and the two experience rough terrain in more ways than one, an unexpected bond is formed between these very different people. Juho Kuosmanen, whose debut feature was the charming “The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki”, has made a sparkling and inventive film about human connection.


A film by Juho Kuosmanen
Starring  Seidi Haarla & Yuriy Borisov
Run time 107 mins
Country Finland



“The detailed textures and claustrophobic sense of place – and the terrifically genuine performances of Haarla and Borisov – ensure that Compartment No. 6 never feels artificial or pre-programmed”.
Associated Press

“Unexpectedly uplifting in its insights into human solitude and connection”
The Hollywood Reporter



BREC International Film Festival Winter 2022


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