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Flaming Thespians – DadBods

Run Time 80 minutes inc interval
Price From $21.50 +BF
Presented By Flaming Thespians in association with BREC

Recommended for ages 18+. Suitable for ages 15+.

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26 October 2019
6:30 pm
26 October 2019
8:30 pm
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Dadbod: a guy who has kids and was once in shape. He has guns that can crush a beer can but also a belly that says I drank those beers while I was eating a pizza

Flaming Thespians are back. After the success of their first production ‘Criminal Genius’ they are pleased to present a new double bill ‘DadBods’.

DadBods is the world premiere of two shorts plays from Bunbury playwrights Gerard Robertson and Jez Obern. This double bill is set to take you on a journey through the crazy world of parenting and relationships, all through the eyes of a father. The highs the lows, the absolute joys and the crushing frustrations, no topic is off limits! From farting to fighting, cuddles to car trips and featuring an all star local cast, it’ll be a crazy ride!

Target Practice
Writer & Director: Jez Obern
Could you imagine if the films Training Day, Stake Out and Super Troopers made a baby with Australian TV shows Blue Heelers and No Activity and what that baby would look like? Clearly that baby would be a short play named Target Practice and it would be a little silly, a little heart-warming, very funny and identifiably Australian. Target Practice follows two officers of the law whilst on a stakeout in their local country town. The script coasts along on the banter between the two characters, as they explore fatherhood, practical jokes, film preferences and relationships. A short play packed full of laugh out loud moments and likeable characters.

Dad Diaries
Writer & Director: Gerard Robertson
Ever wanted an insight into the secret life of a Dad? Well now you can get it! Uncensored, uncut and unconventional. This crazy journey will make you laugh, cry and sometimes even cringe! Based on personal experiences and conversations with many fathers, this new play by a new father is sure to resonate with families. It’s not always going to be pretty but all topics are tackled in a light-hearted, tongue in cheek way!

Pre-show entertainment to be announced soon. We encourage anyone purchasing a ticket to arrive early and enjoy a drink in our Sky Bar!

‘As a new Dad I am constantly blown away by moments that are scary, touching, heart-warming and hilarious. After talking to more fathers I came to realise I am not alone in these experiences and from there my script for ‘Dad Diaries’ was born.’

Gerard Robertson, Playwright