Rockwiz Revue 2018 | BREC

Rockwiz Revue 2018

Run Time 165 minutes inc interval
Price From $91.50 + BF
Presented By Rockwiz Pty Ltd
02 December 2018
7:30 pm

Here they come again, looking better than anyone has the right to!

The RocKwiz gang are going back out on the road and their next stop is Bunbury! Bringing their unique brand of entertainment to a theatre near you. Comedy, Kwiz, Crowd Karaoke, sublime musicianship and of course and a cavalcade of stars!

Julia, Brian, Dugald and the superbly talented RocKwiz Orkestra will all be there. Pulling punters from the audience to test their rock knowledge and pulling stars from backstage to perform live and dangerous for you. Something old, something new but no one will be going home feeling blue! It all adds up to a magical night out.

Not quite Christmas, not quite summer, but an end of year spectacular like no other. … this time around the nation we will also be casting a cheeky RocKwizzy eye over the events that have shaped the year 2018. So, if you’re wondering … Why did hundreds nude up on the roof of a supermarket? Who consumes 28,000 kg of strawberries every year in early July? Closely associated with Louis Armstrong, Marcia Hines, Lindy Chamberlain, The Rolling Stones, Judy Garland and Michael Hutchence, who left the building this year? In the midst of the Roseanne controversy, who said, “racism is not a known side effect”? … the answers might just come up!