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The Big Hoo Haa Comedy Workshops

Run Time 90 minutes
Free Workshop
Presented By The Big Hoo Haa!
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Beginners Workshop 9-11yrs
06 May 2019
4:30 pm
Beginners Workshop 12-17yrs
06 May 2019
4:30 pm
Intermediate Workshop 18+
08 May 2019
6:00 pm
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Learn from some of Australia’s best improvisers, comedians and teachers!

There are three workshops available, one for ages 9-11 years, one for ages 12-17 years and one for adults 18+. These workshops will enable students to take risks (and fail happily) in a safe and supportive environment, building resilience, self-confidence and teamwork.

Led by Sam Longley, students will be guided through a range of age-appropriate games and be introduced to skills in comedy, improvisation and performance.


In this workshop students will be introduced to the basics of improvisation. Focusing on listening, making bold suggestions and cooperating with other team members. This is a fun and supportive introduction to the creative world of improvising scenes and performing in groups. It’s a hands on workshop that takes the student from novice to performer in under an hour. No previous experience necessary.


In this workshop students will concentrate on short form improvisation, the art of using games to create fun short narratives and entertaining scenes. This type of improvisation is what most of us know, as seen in Theatre Sports, Whose Line Is It Anyway and The Big Hoo Haa! It is the basis for many great comedy shows around the world. Students will learn team play and cooperation, creative idea generation and simple narrative structure. Fun, easily accessible and the starting point to more complicated training, this workshop is for anyone interested in developing improvisation performance skills. Some performing experience required.


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