Thermae Romae (PG) | BREC

Thermae Romae (PG)

Run Time 108 minutes
Price From
Presented By Japan Foundation

26 October 2018
6:30 pm

Based on popular Japanese manga series.

Ancient Roman architect Lucius (Hiroshi Abe) is too serious. His inability to keep up with the fast-moving times costs him his job. When a friend takes the dejected Lucius to the public bath house to cheer him up, Lucius accidentally slips through time and resurfaces in a modern day public bath in Japan.

Director: Hideki Takeuchi
Cast: Hiroshi Abe, Aya Ueto, Kazuki Kitamura, Riki Takeuchi, Kai Shishido, Takashi Sasano, Masachika Ichimura