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Three Summers (PG)

Run Time 94 mins
Price $12-$19 no BF
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Brazil | Portuguese with English subtitles | Comedy Drama | 94 Mins

BREC International Film Festival ☀️ Summer 2022

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14 January 2022
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23 January 2022
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29 January 2022
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Three Summers (PG)

Over a trio of summers, a caretaker for luxury condominiums relies on her resourcefulness and her eye for opportunity to take advantage of whatever comes her way.

A brilliant Brazilian dramedy about class disparity, where ‘The Help’ have no choice but to help themselves.

Director Sandra Kogut reunites for her second feature with Brazilian acting legend Regina Casé (The Second Mother) in a contemporary class comedy over three consecutive summers.

Casé plays Madá, the energetic, ever-resourceful caretaker for a luxury waterside condo owned by a wealthy family from Rio de Janeiro. Set against a backdrop of successive money-laundering scandals that rocked Brazilian society in this period, Kogut’s wry, incisive comedy is concerned with the social class that is left behind when their affluent employers suddenly go AWOL.

Every December, between Christmas and New Year, Edgar and Marta host a lavish family celebration at their luxurious summer house by the beach. In 2015 all seems well, despite some tense phone calls and a guest wearing an ankle monitor. In 2016 the annual party is abruptly cancelled.

What happens to those people in the daily orbit of the rich and powerful when their lives suddenly crumble? What are the consequences for domestic workers when their employers land in jail?

Madá and her stranded co-workers don’t have the luxury of sitting idle while matters resolve themselves. With can-do smarts to spare, the boisterous, indomitable Madá devises a side hustle or three to make ends meet. With every dizzying new turn of events, she manages to retain her high spirits, her sense of loyalty to those who deserve it – and her eagle eye for opportunity.


Regina Casé: Mada
Rogério Fróes: Lira
Otavio Müller: Edgar
Gisele Fróes: Marta
Carla Ribas: Branca
Daniel Rangel: Luca
Jessica Ellen: Vanessa
Vilma Melo: Cida
Edmilson Barros: Elisio
Paulo Verlings: Emerson
Luciano Vigidal: director
Carolina Pismel: assistant director


Director: Sandra Kogut
Producer: Marcello Ludwig Maia, Laurent Lavolé
Associate Producer: Carlos Diegues
Screenplay: Sandra Kogut, Iana Cossoy Paro
Screenplay in collaboratino with: Hermano Vianna, Regina Casé
DOP: Ivo Lopes Araújo
Art Director: Marcos Pedroso, Thales Junqueira
Costume: Marina Franco
Make-up: Ricardo Tavares
Sound Recodist: Bruno Armelin
Editor: Sergio Mekler, Luisa Marques
Sound Editor: Tomás Alem, Vincent Guillon
Music Composer: Berna Ceppas
Sound Mixer: Stéphane Thiébaut
Casting director: Marcela Altberg
Executive producer: Marcello Ludwig Maia

A brilliant comedy about class disparity… Madá is one of the charismatic Casé’s most endearing characters.

-Toronto International Film Festival



BREC International Film Festival ☀️ Summer 2022


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