Diverse, creative, inspired... BREC is your arts hub of the South West. It doesn't matter what your tastes are; we have an event that promises to satisfy, inspire and entertain you.

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Our Story

A red velvet curtain draws; a back glow of ambient lights creeps onto centre stage while an audience eagerly waits.

Silhouettes bound of the wall, playfully dancing and slinking about. Sounds culminate and swell; the masterful dialogue of thespians, the moving sighs of an orchestra, the roaring sea of an audience's laughter. This is our show, and we welcome you to be a part of it.

The characters in this ongoing show are our valued audiences, team members and production associates, and our plot continually progresses and transforms with our audiences' tastes and requirements. At BREC we pride ourselves in being committed to quality, growing with our valued members as we expand into exciting new territory. So sit down with us, adorned in your finest, and see the chapters in our story unfold.

Today, BREC is the arts hub of the South West, and we promise to inspire and satisfy a broad range of people through a dynamic range of quality events and superior facilities. It's been a huge journey since our humble beginnings in the late 1980s, and BREC has continually evolved into the hive of cultural activity that it is today. Our recent expansion project has been an immense undertaking, and we sincerely thank all those involved. These new developments are a valued and exciting asset for our company, providing an opportunity that enables BREC to grow.

Ahead, the road presents some exciting prospects for our future. We are committed to support the growth and development of Bunbury and the South West region, offering a creative space for community members, students, local businesses and professionals to build and grow with us.

We tip our hats to all members of the arts community, and hope our eclectic mix of performing arts are an accessible, welcoming and culturally nourishing experience for all. BREC is a creative space that enables inspiring, artistic, creative and passionate arts culture. It is a place to grow and learn, to have fun and relax, and above all, a place that supports our expanding audiences and welcomes with open arms.

So come with us on our journey…