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BREC Creative Learning Program 2024

I am pleased to present the BREC Creative Learning Program 2024 for your consideration.

Experiencing live performance helps children build empathy and social bridging, catalyses imagination and increases learning engagement. Participation in the arts, even as an audience member, also provides a meaningful channel for communication and self-expression. We hope our BREC Creative Learning Program 2024 will help you deliver on these, and many other educational and social-emotional outcomes for your students.

You may be interested in findings from recently updated longitudinal research out of the US* that found 51% of adults who do not attend theatre events today did not attend as a child. Why does that even matter?  It matters because the arts – in this case live performance – has intrinsic impacts that uniquely cluster to achieve larger outcomes of the arts, such as social cohesion and cognitive development. These facts, and our own experience over many years, drive our ongoing commitment to resourcing a Creative Learning Program for schools each year and to building our relationships across the education sector in the region.

So, 2024 sees us once again welcome some of Australia’s finest companies to BREC with extraordinary shows, often specifically made for young people. A number of the performances on offer use an innovative blend of forms including Improvisation, Dance and Physical Theatre, Contemporary Music, Theatre, Cinema and Puppetry. I hope you see value in our new program and that we have the pleasure of welcoming your school to BREC in 2024.

If you have any questions please do get in touch. We also offer backstage tours, lighting and audio workshops and educational resources and understand how to ensure your excursion to BREC is as straightforward as possible. We are always open to discussing your needs and how we can enhance the experience of your visit.

Please note that some shows have limited capacity so please get your bookings in as soon as you can.


Fiona de Garis
BREC Executive Director


* Research link:


Enquiries & Bookings

To book your school group please book online or download the Creative Learning program and email it to the BREC Education Office.

BREC Education Office

T: 1300 661 272

* Please note that BREC’s Creative Learning Program is subject to change.

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