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At BREC, we like to partner with like-minded organisations who share our vision for a vibrant and connected community.

Building partnerships with our strong supporters means that we can achieve so much more than we could on our own.

As our Major Artistic Partner, South 32 provided the funds for the furnishings and fitout of the new Sky Bar and Convention Centre. South 32 have a strong commitment to support the local community and they believe in making a difference from the ground up, so by supporting us with this important infrastructure, they have put BREC in a great position to grow and expand our offering.

Support comes in all shapes and sizes, from major partners like Alcoa, who provide the funds to support an annual community concert, giving local performers a chance to perform onstage at BREC, to some of our newest sponsors, Geographe Ford, who generously provide BREC with a car.

There can be huge benefits for business to align themselves with arts organisations and reap the rewards of positive association. Let’s chat about a partnership that can add value to your company’s marketing strategy.

Why Sponsor the Arts?
Benefits for businesses

Brand Exposure

Reach new audiences, gain media exposure and convey your brand message in a compelling way to create a more personal relationship with your customers for your brand.

Business Creativity

Collaborating with BREC can help stimulate creativity and innovation within your organisation, as well as provide innovative ways to support your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Enhance Your Community

Strengthen your company’s link within the local community and help to create a vibrant place for your customers and your staff to live, work and play.

We are so thankful to our wonderful sponsors, we couldn’t do it with out them.

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