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BREC Welcomes New Education Partner

BREC is delighted to announce the renewal of its long-term partnership with Scope Business Imaging as the centre’s new Education Partner. The new partnership will provide vital financial support to BREC and its team to deliver its comprehensive annual Education Program.

Designed for students from pre-primary to Year 12, BREC’s Education Program includes an annual season of shows and creative workshops curated to support the curriculum and to give students’ access to a range of new and engaging live performances including theatre and circus, as well as music and dance. The Scope Business Imaging partnership will also support BREC’s new initiative to support local teachers through a series of free professional learning workshops leveraging the expertise of world class touring artists when they visit Bunbury.

Brad Morgan, Regional Sales & Service Manager at Scope Business Imaging said, “We are looking forward to extending our partnership with BREC and are proud to not only provide support to the local arts community in Bunbury and the South West, but also to play a key role in supporting BREC’s strategies to develop its Education Program. We understand the importance of holistic education for our children, who will be the leaders and the innovators of the future. And what better way to support their growth than by partnering with an award-winning performing arts organisation like BREC.” he said.

BREC’s Executive Director, Fiona de Garis said, “We are pleased to welcome Scope Business Imaging back on board as our new Education Partner. Like BREC, Scope Business Imaging has always been a leader in their field. Their focus on quality and responsive relationships with their clients strongly aligns with BREC’s values and makes them a perfect fit as our Education Partner. Their support will enable more than 2,500 young people to experience the transformative power of live performance, sparking their imaginations and exploring critical thinking and big ideas.”

Ms de Garis goes on to say, “Through deepening our connection with the local business community we can achieve more. I believe it’s important all businesses in the region work together, collaborate and find new ways to engage, as we collectively grow our local community.”

Scope Business Imaging has been providing printers and photocopier document management solutions to West Australian businesses and organisations for over 30 years. With a State Government Common Use Agreement (CUA) in place Scope Business Imaging is a preferred supplier for Schools and Government Departments.

Like to find out more about BREC's Education Program?

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