MEET KATE, BREC’s Experience Co-ordinator & Front of House Manager

What is your role at BREC and how long have you worked here?

I am the BREC Experience Co-ordinator & Front of House Manager

What is your favourite part of working at BREC?

My Favourite part of the job must be working with our wonderful Volunteers who firstly make working here an absolute joy but also without them we would not be able to function as we do. We have approximately 80 people who volunteer with us, so it is a brilliant mix of people. During my role as Front of House manager I highly rely on them, some have been volunteering here for 20 years so they know the business inside out and have taught me so much. They really are a truly a wonderful group of people to work with. And that’s not even mentioning the team behind the scenes here at BREC, they are great people too. As the Experience Co-ordinator I help organise and run events we have here at BREC. The best bit about that part of the job is all the different variety of events also all the wonderful events staff.

What was your favourite show, event or experience at BREC?

Volunteer Christmas party! We had a brilliant night and it didn’t feel like work at all!
It was Captain Dinner cocktail party theme and was brilliant. A more professional highlight was the production of House that we had here. The set, acting and overall storyline were one of the best I have seen.