A doorway to the arts that’s always open | BREC

A doorway to the arts that’s always open

BREC is announcing an exciting new initiative called ‘BREC Access’, which aims to help community members experience the arts who would otherwise find it difficult to afford a ticket to see a show in Bunbury. BREC Access is based on the ‘Pay it forward’ system in use in some cafes. People can ask for a ‘pay it forward’ coffee or meal and if they are lucky, somebody will have paid for it anonymously in advance.
There is no doubt that the arts are crucial to everyone’s wellbeing, so why should this brilliant initiative be limited to food? As a non-for-profit performing arts centre supported by the community, it is BREC’s mission to make their program accessible to as many people as possible and take financial barriers seriously.
“So here is our offer: through the newly launched BREC Access initiative, we are making some seats available for those who need a good night out but who can’t manage full price at the moment”, BREC’s Executive Director Fiona de Garis explained. “And we invite those who can to ‘pay it forward’ by choosing a higher price”.
When purchasing their ticket, patrons are encouraged to choose the BREC Access price that suits their personal situation best – which is sometimes lower and sometimes higher than a standard ticket price.

“It’s about keeping BREC’s doors open to everyone, even in challenging times”, continued Fiona de Garis. “We hope that with our community’s help, this program will become a success.”

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