Patrons Warned of Celtic Illusion Ticket Scam | BREC

Patrons Warned of Celtic Illusion Ticket Scam

Celtic Illusion fans have been warned to be on the lookout for tickets being sold by unauthorised ticket sellers ahead of the BREC performance on Friday 9 November.

BREC was alerted to the potential ticketing scam by the official promotors of Celtic Illusion. Patrons are urged to not purchase tickets from unofficial ticket sellers. Some unauthorised sellers are in fact resellers and may not own the tickets they are on selling, often at inflated prices

“BREC’s only authorised ticket agent is, said Simon Jacob, Chairman – BREC’s Board. The safest place to purchase tickets to any event at the venue is via BREC itself. Either online via, the BREC website or in person at the box office.”

“To ensure you don’t end up with invalid tickets, do not buy them through unauthorised sellers. If you suspect you have obtained tickets from an unauthorised seller please contact the seller to request a refund immediately.” Mr Jacob goes on to say.

Patrons attending the venue are warned a ticket purchased from an unauthorised seller does not guarantee you entry to the event. Such tickets may be forgeries or may have been sold multiple times over, which may lead to you being refused entry to the event.

Tickets to Celtic Illusion are still available and should only be purchased through the BREC website or Box Office.

Patrons with any concerns about their tickets for the event should contact BREC Box Office on 08 97923111 or email