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Review: Best of the Bee Gees

I first met The Best of the Bee Gees on Rock the Boat back in 2015 and watched them perform and was instantly taken back by the likeness and talent of singers and musicians.

The audience waited in anticipation for the ‘big opening’ and the build-up was intense.  The audience was ready for a ‘night out’ and being the first show back since our COVID closure, with restrictions in place, we were unsure how the show was going to unfold.

The opening, two musicians on stage – dead silence – we all still waited with much excitement – then on came the three Bee Gees, dressed to the part, and applause of the audience.

Then, the music started! The crowd started clapping and those good old Bee Gee hits started to bring the room alive.

The Best of the Bee Gees are polished and their talent is obvious! The Video clips shown through-out the show were great, as it took you back in time and felt like the ‘real thing’.

The presence and stage performance of the three artists was exceptional and they certainly play the part and provide an incredible likeness, not only visually, but both music and vocals. The entire band was clean, tight and didn’t miss a beat!

The quality of their voices was astonishing! Closing my eyes, I realised that I was taken back to a wonderful era and a moment in time listening to all the hits we grew up with.

I was so captivated by the music and performance the longer the show went on. Having the original drummer Colin Petersen on stage telling and sharing stories before the songs was incredible and was so honoured to be in his presence.  It would be great to continue to hear more stories, and the highlight being his performance on the drums a compliment to what was an epic show!

These boys do an incredible job portraying The Bee Gees and are gifted musicians. The show was an outstanding performance considering the high notes in several of the Bee Gees songs.

It was a very enjoyable performance and I would recommend a night with the Best of the Bee Gees!

This review was written by: Jon Middleton, General Manager The Barton Theatre Adelaide (September 2020)