STAFF SPOTLIGHT | Nathan Gardiner | BREC

STAFF SPOTLIGHT | Nathan Gardiner


What is your role at BREC and how long have you worked here?

In House Artist is my current role and that has been since January 2021. 2019 was the commencement of my BREC employment – that was as Young Voices Program Co-ordinator. In 2022 I’ll be Co-ordinating the new Kick Start My Arts Program here at BREC.

What is your favourite part of working at BREC?

I’m pretty sure every staff member says – THE PEOPLE!, it’s so true though! Between the core staff, touring artists and production teams, the BREC volunteers and everyone who accesses BREC there is a wealth of experience, knowledge, stories and innovations around. We are bonded together by our love and commitment to the Arts – that is what makes BREC such a special place to work.

What was your favourite show, event or experience at BREC?

I was 15 or so – and Hair was in town. I saw it and immediately bought another ticket then another. By the third time I saw it I’d run out of bus money and hitch-hiked in from Capel to see it again!. I feel because I was 15 that story of protest and cultural revolution resonated deeply – I still sing a lot of those songs to pass the time on the endless drives between here and Perth.