The Smallest Stage, thank you | BREC

The Smallest Stage, thank you

As we celebrate the end of the World Premiere season of The Smallest Stage, BREC would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this story of love.

Thank you Kim Crotty (Writer/Lead Artist/Co-Creator) for trusting us with your story and inspiring the creation of this incredible theatre production.

Thank you Matt Edgerton (Director/Dramaturg/Co-Creator), Zoë Atkinson (Designer/Co-Creator) and Ben Mortley (Performer/Co-Creator) for being inspired by this work and sharing your expertise, creativity and love.

Thank you to the incredibly talented company who we would love to gush over individually but it would make this post very very long… Fiona de Garis, David Richardson, Paul Parkes, Alan Burke, Siobhan Maiden, Courteney Cooper, Yvonne Batterham, Steven Aiton, Otto Crotty, Arlen Crotty & Matty Zmitko.

Thank you to our incredible sponsors for believing in this project so much that they provided funding to make it happen; BREC, Perth Festival, Australia Council for the Arts and the State Government of Western Australia

Thank you to the BREC Board of Management and Staff for working so hard to produce this show, whilst continuing to deliver our regular programming and events throughout the centre.

A special thanks to Iain Grandage and the Perth Festival team, Tim Collins, Annette Downs & Emma Corrick, Anna Reece, Jake Coghlan, Jan Old, Tom Freeman, Luke Kerridge, Helen Hristofski, Alex Desebrock, Kirralee Rose, Elise Wilson, Geordie Crawley, Jonathan O’Neill, Clare Watson, the Donnelly River artists & mentors, children and parents who helped test the audio over the last two years, Fremantle Arts Centre, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, Barking Gecko, Totally Sound, Lomax, Ben Yew and the Perth Theatre Trust.

And last but not least, a massive thank you to the audiences in Bunbury and Perth who came to see The Smallest Stage, your laughs, love and tears filled our hearts. A special shout out to the interactive audience members, thank you for participating in this completely unique theatre experience, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Let’s do it again… somewhere…