At BREC, our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. This month, we introduce you to one of the volunteers who was nominated for a South West Volunteer Award, Connie Bucchino.

One of the most difficult parts of writing articles about our incredible volunteers is that they are, as a general rule, an extremely humble bunch. Connie Bucchino, our second nominee for the South West Volunteer Awards is no exception to that rule.

Humble to a fault, Connie is one of our longest standing Volunteers and is greatly appreciated and admired for her incredible work ethic and kind heart.

Connie isn’t entirely sure how long she has been volunteering at BREC but it’s been a while, “Oh long time I’ve been here. Over 25-years I think. Carol, the life member who makes the biscuits got me to join and I’ve been here ever since.”

A lover of the arts and theatre, Connie likes the musical theatre numbers with particular fondness for Fiddler on the Roof and the Phantom of the Opera.

The best part of volunteering at BREC for Connie though are the people, “I like to meet people and have a chat. I’ve made lots of friendships here and have gotten a few friends to volunteer here too. Seeing the shows while you work is an added benefit.”

“But there’s lots of benefits to volunteering here. It works both ways. Good for me and for BREC.”

Connie loves volunteering because she is passionate about Bunbury and its people, “I like to help and support Bunbury. I love Bunbury. It’s a beautiful little paradise we have here I think.”

Like so many of our volunteers, Connie also dedicates some of her time to other businesses and organisations of Bunbury, you will see her smiling face at the Concierge of St John of God Hospital, at Relay for Life, Daffodil Day and the morning teas at St Patrick’s Church.

“I like to help out. It’s nice to help people out and do things for others. Helping people at the hospital or at BREC, it’s always nice to see them appreciative when you help them.”

Connie feels BREC are an important part of Bunbury, “I think we do well for Bunbury. Providing different perspectives and points of view through the arts.”

But her favourite part of volunteering is seeing the delight and wonder evident in the kids that come to BREC, “I love kids and seeing their smiling faces and excitement when they see the acts. It’s great for them.”

Connie bought tickets for her family to see Joe Avati recently and loves to share BREC experiences with those she loves, as her family are so important to her and something you can immediately see she is endlessly proud of.

An amazing cook, Connie prepares a feast for her family every Monday night and relishes the fact that her family continues to grow as her grandchildren grow up and find partners of their own.

Connie, we are so incredibly fortunate to have had you here at BREC for 25-years and hope that we get the pleasure of your company for many more years to come. Your gentle and kind approach is so appreciated and we look forward to seeing you back here again soon.