At BREC, our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. This month, we introduce you to one of the volunteers we recently nominated for a South West Volunteer Award – Dominic Frisina.

This week was NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK. A week to recognise the selfless individuals who give their time and kindness willingly to support the businesses and people of Bunbury.

We celebrate National Volunteer Week in Bunbury with the South West Volunteer Awards which was held in the Dardanup Lounge at BREC.

We put forward two very deserving nominees for this award and would like to introduce you to one of them, Mr Dominic Frisina.

Dominic has been a volunteer for many years, at different businesses and organisations around Bunbury including Barrett and Sons, Dolphin Discovery Centre, Brunswick Progress Association, Brunswick Football Club, Chefs Long Table Lunch, Compassionate Care Group and of course – BREC.

But he says it wasn’t called volunteering when he first started, it was just simply helping out and doing what needed to be done. Which is something most of our volunteers of Dominic’s era say, “I started volunteering years ago. But it wasn’t called that then. It was just helping out.”

Highly reliable and always keen to lend a hand, Dominic used to lived out in Brunswick but now resides practically next door to BREC which he loves for the convenience of being able to pop over at a moment’s notice.

“They can ring me half an hour before the show and I can be there.”

An avid Carlton Football Club fan, Dominic has been a member for 32-years and has strong ties to the club and champions both past and present. He is passionate about the Blues and will happily sit and chat with any fellow Blues supporter for hours.

When the writer of this story stated her love of Geelong Football Club Dominic replied, “The only good thing about Geelong is that they’re navy and white.”

Along with his beloved Blues, he is also a passionate supporter of the Brunswick Football Club and over the years, has filled the position of Runner, Team Manager and anything else that needed to be done.

Which seems to be Dominic’s general approach to life itself – do what needs to be done, usually without even being asked to. It is this that makes him such a valuable asset to our Volunteer pool here at BREC.

“I come in early and fill up all the spray bottles for the cleaning and get everything ready. I do those jobs for the girls at BREC, for Sheryl, Rachel and Nerida, so they don’t have to do them and can focus on their jobs.”

When he’s not at BREC or volunteering somewhere else, Dominic spends time with his Mum out in Brunswick. He loves the balance of time in Brunswick with family and time in Bunbury with his various volunteering positions.

“I try to stay busy because I hate standing around. I love interaction with people.”

When asked what shows he loves Dominic is honest in that his personal motivation to be at BREC is not for love of the arts but for love of the people, “I don’t come for the shows. They’re good but I come for the people. To help people and talk to people.”

For Dominic, there are many benefits to volunteering at BREC but the people are top of the list, “The people I work with are lovely. Sheryl is lovely. The best thing is the friendships. I get along with all the people here.”

“I love helping and I love doing shows at night because it gets me out of the house. It helps me too. If I wasn’t doing this I’d be on my own. The coffee breaks are nice too. Good snacks.”

An eternal jokester, Dominic likes to have a laugh with people that he knows when he sees them, “I sometimes like to have a laugh when they come through. I’ll say ‘Oh you’ve got the wrong day here. They will often say ‘Oh not you again Dom. Everywhere we go we see you’.”

“I love talking with people, laughing with people and getting to know people. A lot of people know me through here and that’s always nice, to be recognised and say hello.”

Dominic says that ultimately, he just wants to help out, “It makes me feel warm just by helping people.”

We are endlessly grateful for your help Dominic. You are a highly valued member of our team and we look forward to many more years of your smiling face and kind spirit.