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Animals and Other Strange Creatures Taking over BREC

BREC is excited announce Family Proms is coming back on 3 July 2021 with “Animals and Other Strange Creatures” ready to invade the venue.

When the Philharmonic South West’s orchestra takes the stage, more than 55 musicians will take people young and old to an orchestral musical journey of rediscovery of creatures: small, cute, cuddly, big, scary, odd, extinct…

Join David Pye as he conducts Philharmonic South West on a tour of old and new music, popular and lesser-known pieces, inspired by creature themes.

The family-friendly program offers everything from blockbuster film themes through to baroque, covering the spectrum from ancient (Dinosaurs), the wild with swans, ducks, panthers and more, the yard, chickens and into the lounge with cute kittens.

According to the Philharmonic South West’s President Peter Jago “the Philharmonic South West is one of the largest volunteer orchestras in Australia. We are open and accessible, aiming to educate and enriching the lives of communities in the South West with orchestral music and music education.”

The concerts starts at 3pm, but BREC encourages families to arrive an hour before the concert, as the fun begins in the BREC Foyer from 2pm.

“Before the concert and during the interval, the Foyer will be invaded by animals and other strange creatures. We invite children to come dressed as their favourite animal to join a Grand BREC Expedition before the show, led by intrepid Roving Ranger Isaac Salter of ‘Head Over Heels Acrobatics’ fame”, BREC’s Engagement Producer Michèle Lainé said.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. “Audience Kids dressed as their favourite animal are invited to take part in an Animal Fashion Show in the Interval”, Michèle continued.

Tickets for children under 16 are free.

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