Introducing Kickstart My Arts Participant Beau Hayres | BREC

Introducing Kickstart My Arts Participant Beau Hayres

BREC is thrilled to introduce you to Beau Hayres.

A gentle soul with a wonderfully chatty and cheeky exterior – meet Beau Hayres, another of our fabulous Kickstart My Arts project participants.

Beau had never done anything like Kickstart My Arts before but he’s endlessly grateful that he did as it opened new doors and introduced him to new people, “It was great. I got to meet new people and make new friends. Friends with different types of people who I might not have normally met.”

Beau says the one thing he has learned that surprised him is better time management and, the dreaded art of public speaking that so many of us seem to struggle with, “I learned how to be on time and to be organised more. I also got to learn how to speak in front of people which I never used to like. I can public speak now.”

Beau has also seen that art and being involved in his community has great benefits, “I liked being involved in the community and going to more public events. It made me more confident and I want to be more involved in my community. I enjoyed it a lot.”

This interest in being involved in the community and bringing new ideas to other people will be reflected in Beau’s final project but we will stay hush hush on that until the exhibition and showcase.

Beau’s favourite show that he saw during the program was The Wonderings of Wilbur and he enjoyed music the most as his favourite medium. He also enjoyed learning how set design can tell a story, “I learned that what you use and where you put things helps tell your story.”

Beau has brought a lot to our Kickstart My Arts project and we are very much looking forward to what comes next for him and his journey.

When asked for his final words Beau said, “This was great. I would definitely do it again. I felt like I could be myself,” which for us is the greatest feedback we could receive as the arts is a genuine gateway to children being their authentic selves.

We look forward to seeing Beau continue to build his confidence and develop his voice, both as an artist and as a person.

Read more about Kickstart My Arts…Kickstart my Arts has been funded through the Creative Communities COVID-19 Recovery Program.