Introducing Kickstart My Arts Participant Sophie | BREC

Introducing Kickstart My Arts Participant Sophie

BREC is thrilled to introduce you to Sophie.

Brimming with curiosity and a never-ending thirst for knowledge, meet Sophie, a complete delight with a prodigious talent for all things art. Anything and everything she turns her hand to, Sophie immediately excels and it is this that landed her a place in our Kickstart My Arts project.

But it isn’t just her talent that makes Sophie unique, it is her burning ambition. Sophie has goals. Lots of them. And we know that she will do whatever she sets her mind and heart to. We here at BREC are honoured that we get to be part of Sophie’s art journey as she navigates her way into the next chapter of her schooling life in high school.

Sophie loves art and always has her own interpretation of the medium she’s working with. She is confident to find her own meaning and create her own path which is a wonderful attribute in such a young artist.

But everyone has a favourite and clay is a standout to Sophie for both its artistic potential and its sensory properties, “I love making art of any type. I really love all art but my favourite medium is clay. I like the way it feels.”

For Sophie, the lessons learned and skills gained have extended beyond the realm of the arts. She feels she has learned much more, “It isn’t just the way the mediums feel, it is also about how being connected with people makes you feel. This program is really fun. I really enjoyed it. I made some good new friends and I learned to participate even if it’s hard.”

“I also learned that acrylic paint doesn’t wash out of your clothes and that you really need to focus when you’re doing lino print carving.”

With a sparkle in her eye and a zest for life that is unparalleled, Sophie has many goals already amassed for someone so young. She dares to dream and does so freely.

“I want to go to WAAPA. I want to be a professional dancer and do competitive dancing in modern jazz or acro. I really want to be able to do the splits and make art. I want to be an Artist.”

Sophie has her sights set on the Collie Art Gallery children’s exhibition, “They have this amazing children’s exhibition there and I want to be in it. It’s mainly painting so I would do a painting.”

Sophie is also learning AUSLAN and would like to be fluent in AUSLAN one day, “I want to be fluent so I can help people and be an Education Assistant.” Sophie seems to have gained the ability to see many avenues to artistic expression and how art can create community for her and others, which is really special.

When asked if she had any last words Sophie said simply, “I really, really enjoyed the program. I was lucky to be a part of it,” and we couldn’t have put it any better ourselves.

Thank you for being a part of it Sophie. We are all much richer for having had you join us here at BREC and we look forward to watching your amazing individual project develop.

Read more about Kickstart My Arts…Kickstart My Arts has been funded through the Creative Communities COVID-19 Recovery Program.