BREC Lights Up In Red | BREC

BREC Lights Up In Red

From dusk on Wednesday 30th September BREC’s iconic building will light up in red in support of their live entertainment industry colleagues affected by cancellations due to the pandemic.

#LightItInRed is an international campaign where venues across the world will be lighting their buildings in red as part of a global day of action, showing solidarity and signalling the economic emergency faced by the live events industry.

BREC Executive Director, Fiona de Garis said, “As a live entertainment venue we were among the first to experience the impact of the interruptions caused by COVID-19. While we have been fortunate to begin reopening, the future remains uncertain and we see the #LightItInRed campaign as an important show of solidarity with our industry peers.”

The #LightItInRed global day of action is part of #WeMakeEvents’ campaign to stand as one and highlight the disastrous situation faced by the live events industry because of closures due to the pandemic.

The campaign is being run by a collective group of trade bodies, businesses and freelancers affected by the shutdown. Red has always signified ‘stand by’ in theatre and, fittingly, the global industry are now ‘standing by’ to go back to work. The campaign aims to highlight the need for government support if the live events industry is to survive.

BREC will #LightItInRed from sunset on Wednesday 30th September

More information about the #LightItInRed campaign can be found online.