Japanese Film Festival Regional 2019 | BREC

Japanese Film Festival Regional 2019

Run Time Sep 06 - Sep 07
Price From FREE
Presented By The Japan Foundation Sydney
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Everyday Is a Good Day
06 September 2019
7:00 pm
Dad's Lunchbox
07 September 2019
4:30 pm
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The City of Bunbury presents another unique selection of Japanese films in 2019.

The Japanese Film Festival started in Australia in 1997 with three film screenings and is now one of the largest celebrations of Japanese films in the world.

From crowd-pleasing anime favourites to poignant human drama, the festival brings exciting new Japanese film content to a wide audience. This initiative aims to support and grow interest in Japanese films and cinema culture throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia.

Film Schedule

Everyday Is a Good Day
Friday September 6, 7pm
100 minutes | Drama | 2018
Join use for a free talk and Japanese tea ceremony demonstration by Sayaka Ishii from 7pm
Movie screens at 7.30pm
Director: Tatsushi Omori

Dad’s Lunchbox
Saturday September 7, 4.30pm
76 minutes | Drama | 2017
Director: Masakazu Fukatsu

Everyday is a Good Day

Noriko and Michiko are cousins about to graduate from university. Michiko is adventurous and graceful while Noriko is clumsy and shy, so when they begin tea ceremony lessons Noriko is understandably nervous. While the lessons are only a hobby for Michiko, Noriko develops a passion for the practice and a deep connection to her teacher.

Dad’s Lunchbox

Dad’s Lunch Box is a heart-warming story of a newly-divorced father who vows to make his daughter Midori’s lunch every day until she finishes high school. Meanwhile, Midori it still adjusting to the new dynamic with her father and dealing with the trials and tribulations of high school life, friends and boys at the top of the list.

Everyday Is a Good Day

Dad's Lunchbox