Dive into Backstage Technical Workshops begin for 2022 | BREC

Dive into Backstage Technical Workshops begin for 2022

Earlier this week we welcomed students from St Mary MacKillop College in Busselton to BREC for a TUNE INTO AUDIO Workshop.

The year 11 & 12 music certificate students began the workshop by setting their school band up on Stage One. BREC’s Tech team educated them on how to mic up their instruments along with best practice in micing techniques.

Next, students performed and recorded one song. They were then given the opportunity to mix the multichannel recording, and were guided through the EQ and effects application process. The recording was stored onto a USB so the students can continue to work with it back at school.

The workshop then concluded with a tour of The Cube, and under Stage One.

We look forward to welcoming the students back in August when they return for a FOCUS ON LIGHTING workshop.

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