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The Little Hoo-Haa!

Run Time 60 minutes no interval
Price From $15 per student no bf
Presented By BREC & The Big Hoo Haa!

Suitable for primary and secondary students aged 7-13 yrs
Workshops Available [Incursion]
Teacher Resources Available

09 May 2019
6:30 pm

Big laughs for little people!

The Little Hoo-Haa is improvised comedy at its finest. After 15 years of providing improv comedy to adults the critically acclaimed Big Hoo-Haa have decided to give kids a turn! The Little Hoo-Haa will see two teams of comedians use audience suggestions to create spectacular and spontaneous stories, hilarious sketches and downright silliness!

In a no holds barred race to the punchline expect an interactive and engaging battle of wits as the two teams go head to head! The show is completely improvised therefore every performance is wonderfully unique and created just for you!

Teacher Resources

An educational kit will be provided including classroom ready activities to help prepare students for the show.

Workshops [Incursion]

Date 6th – 8th May 2019
Duration 45-90 mins
Cost Free, subject to availability
Workshop This workshop is suitable for primary school students aged 7+ and secondary students 12+

Give your students the chance to learn from some of Australia’s best improvisers, comedians and teachers! Led by Sam Longley, this crack team of West Australian artists will guide the class through a range of age-appropriate games and introduce skills in comedy, improvisation and performance. The workshop enables students to take risks (and fail happily) in a safe and supportive environment, building resilience, self-confidence and teamwork. The Company are happy to work with you to focus the workshop in a way that best supports your desired learning outcomes.

Workshop Bookings contact or phone 08 9792 31111

Teacher Professional Learning Workshop

From the masters of improvisation the Hoo Ha team will take you through this hands-on workshop for primary and secondary school teachers. Ready to register your place or find out more about this professional learning workshop?